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What does it mean if my hiv Value is 0.191 ? ?


I hope anyone is going to help me ! 😥

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    Instructions on how to interpret the number are given to the right of the result under "reference range". That is the yardstick that you are supposed to use and given with each test result. 

    Edit you mean reference range is 1.00 is missing things like > which is means greater than 1. That usually refers to the positive value when the number is greater than 1. 

    Your number is less than 1 which would make it negative. 

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    according to what I can find:

    Results from laboratory tests are given as negative, positive or indeterminate. Negative or non-reactive means you are HIV negative. You do not have HIV (based on the window period and no recent risks). Positive or reactive means the test shows you are HIV positive and you have HIV infection.

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