I Find my wife password for the app Antichat   she send a bunch of men  sex videos  playing with toys penetrating and oral what should I do?

About a month ago I saw the app Antiland (antichat) on my wife’s phone, she told me she was just chatting with random people most girls in groups about difrent topics, I believe her and say that’s fine have fun. 

Last night I find her password so I logged in just to find out she’s been sex video chatting with a lot of men, she call them “my love” “i missed you “ the worst part was to see her uploading videos of her self with sex toys all naked, penetrating her self and oral too , she’s all happy and excited about it.  She also talk to them too sweet. While she’s been a total ***** to me for the last 2 years, when I got sick and lost my job.  I’m still jobless because of my mental illness, but I’m a stay home dad of a 2 years old baby boy.  I also have narcolepsy, she yields at me , some days leaves me alone with the baby when I cannot stay awake. There has been a few days I fall asleep for hrs while my son is all by him self. 

She just started going  for 2-3 hours walks after work with the baby , but she never did it before, we been married for 20 years, I worked for 21 years making a lot of money  before I got fired, I treated her like a princess... now I got nothing she treated me like ****.   I don’t know what to do , I Love my 2 year old son to much to leave, plus I’m broke.  I also have 2 older sons on their 20s 

But they won’t talk to me also because I lost my job.... please any advice will be really appreciated.  Thank you 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    Difficult situation.  You need to be uncooperative regarding baby sitting. Go out before she does, then she has to take care of the child. Maybe change the password on her chat site, so she can't sign in. See if she accuses you, knowing that she would guess that you know what she was using it for. It would probably cause trouble, but what have you got to lose?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You need to protect your child.  That should be your first priority.  This post could cause you to lose custody.  She leaves, you can't stay awake, you have mental health issues, the child is unsupervised.  Only YOU know what it will take to leave.

    How does your wife video herself alone having oral sex?

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