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Inverse to a function?

How do you arrive at this answer? What are the steps?

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    An inverse is when g(f(x)) = f(g(x)) = x

    to get inverse of f(x)

    x = 2y + 3

    ==> 2y = x-3

    ==> y = (x-3)/2 = h(x)



     = 2(h(x)) + 3

    = 2(x-3)/2 + 3

    = x - 3 + 3

    = x 

  • 3 months ago

    NOT inverses of each other.

    An inverse returns the original function.

    "an inverse function is a function that "reverses" another function:

     if the function f applied to an input x gives a result of y, 

    then applying its inverse function g to y gives the result x, 

    and vice versa, i.e., f(x) = y if and only if g(y) = x."

    In other words:

    If the function f turns an apple into a banana, 

    Then the inverse function g turns the banana back to an apple

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