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Why are the Final Fantasy 7 character's arms so blocky?

I just played FF7 on the original PS1 and I noticed that Cloud's hands (as well as Tifa's and Barrett's) hands are shaped like blocks? Why is this?

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    Please be aware that the PS1 had relatively scant compared to PC's at the time.

    <PS1, circa 1995>

    * CPU: 33.868 MHz

    * RAM: 2 MB

    * vRAM: 1 MB

    <PC, circa 1995 w/ Windows 95>

    * CPU: ~20-60 MHz (Pentium P5)

    * RAM: ~4-8 MB

    * vRAM: 1-2 MB (Nvidia NV1 aka Diamond Edge 3D)

    Granted comparing a PC to a console is like comparing a Swiss Army Knife to a Scalpel, but it does show that the PS1 had some limitations in it's 3D rendering.  The system could only handle 360,000 untextured polygons OR 180,000 textured polygons.  Game developers had to make every polygon count, so they went with a "Good enough" look for the hands (which only look around 12 polygons at the most, using triangles as the base) so they could focus on providing more polygons on other more important details (like having more characters on the screen or more detailed environments) in the process.

    While it's hard to know exactly, this is a reasonable educated guess on the reason.

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    Because the PS1 was a very limited system compared to today's consoles and computers.  It only had 2 MB of RAM and 1 MB of video RAM, and ran at 33 MHz.  Objects and characters had to be rendered in either scaleable sprites or in 3D objects, and when rendered in 3D the polygon count had to be kept low to preserve a reasonable frame rate.

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    Back then the ps1 uses polygons. As you know, it’s near impossible to get smooth curves using polygons. It’s like trying to make a sphere using LEGO blocks. 

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