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How can I get over with my parents not loving me this is not a troll question ?

People are going to think that this is a troll question but it is not a troll question so don’t assume this I am faith and I grew up in an emotionally mentally verbally physically abusive household I was treated like trash I was told I could never do anything in life I was reminded of this daily I was 6 years old when my brother started hitting me I had suicidal thoughts and I started cutting myself at age 13 my brother would slap me belittle me and yell at me but he was the only one who could hold me in his arms so I always end up forgiving him because I needed to feel love I was 11 years old, when I told my parents that my brother would hit me, threaten me and scare me. Whenever I wouldn't listen or did something they didn't like. They threaten me to get my brother to hit me and to yell at me. when I started high school I was also bullied I had no more escape  I was desperate for attention, desperate for love. I did everything my sister wanted me to do, I covered and lied for her. In the end, she called me a stupid ugly ***** and laughed about me with her friends. She would walk by and slap me behind the head, for fun.I remember, rocking myself into a corner banging my head against the wall, wanting to die. I thought if I could bang my head enough I would die. It was only in 6th grade when my teacher pointed out to my parents that I was nearsighted. My parents obliged to buy me glasses. 


Continue: I left home at 17 years old and I stood up to my parents brother and sister for the first time I told them “I am leaving this household forever I will never see you ever again and when I get married and have children and grandchildren I will never let you see them then I left I moved 9000 miles away from them now 29 years later I am happily married to a wonderful beautiful amazing faithful man who loves me unconditionally and we have 5 children and 6 grandchildren 

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Continue: but I still break down and cry about my parents not loving me during my childhood somehow things will get better than BAM!!!! I will remember and get depressed again it wounded me very deep and I never moved on or healed from it my husband has been my rock he helped fixed my broken heart but still I have on going issues with my parents not loving me I also am haunted by my past a lot my husband suggested therapy I tried that but that didn’t help he also suggested church but my 

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Continue: relationship with god is distant i also get bad dreams by my past is it

Is it ok to feel hurt about my parents not loving me 

Update 4:

My only living relative is my mom she lives alone in a trailer in Florida a lonely old bitter women let her wallow in her hate as much as she wants to 

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    You're an adult now and the main thing to remember is there is nothing wrong about you. What was done is a reflection of the ills of the other people for treating you that way. Look forward and not backward. We all have some bad memories, although you have more than most it seems.  We succeed by the old phrase "Today is the first day of the rest of my life."  Stop looking back, as continually revisiting this just prolongs the misery. 

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