Do you think will ever get a real live action Resident Evil movie?Because the Milla Jovovich led RE movies series where just insulting trash?


There where a few moments in some of these movies that came close to being resident evil game like but end the end not one of them could seal the deal.

Update 2:

Heres another huge insult to resident evil games,some of you will point out that the movies used characters from the games but none of them where the main characther in any of the movies,they where like supporting cast treated like props,because the directors wife milla jovovich was the star,i take it back this is like a videogame,where milla jovovich visit the resident evil world in hear dreams a shows how bad she can screw it up while shes there in it.Thank god she woke up and move on frome it

Update 3:

Sorry the last 3 lines have few errors in it,there not hard to figure out.but i love the resident games and seeing them used as a cheap cash grab film series that insult the games characthers and stories and world is frustrating to see.These movies are so bad they are not good even as parodies.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    When will they make a Resident Good game/movie... young people have been exposed to enough evil games/movies.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Agreed, it was trash but the first one was banger! Yeah i get it, it wasn't resident evil like, it was it's own separate thing and i personally liked that.

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