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How do I find the most reputable and most up to date Medical/Science studies? ?

I basically listen to a lot of podcasts and each one usually has some really interesting new discovery of for example how saunas have a range of health benefits such as increasing longevity and heart health or how psychedelics have been curing depression and anxiety. But I feel like I am lacking any really evidence and studies that convey that this is the case. Does anyone know like top journals or sites that allow you to fact check these claims and really see if this stuff is actually being done. It's not that I don't believe it but sometimes it's good to do the ground work and no what actual trials have been done to make my own opinion of how convincing this stuff actually is. I want like the most reputable sources of information that allows me to fact check the latest scientific research. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) 

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  • 1 month ago

    The top journals are the ones well known and are at libraries )and always at medical libraries): Lancet, JAMA, etc and specialty ones like the J of Infectious Disease, etc.

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