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How bad is this for your body ?

If a young male (early 20s) where to consume cigarettes, a bottle of vodka and afew Enery drinks every single day for years what would it do to their body? What type of condition would there insides be like? 

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    He might not live for years.

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    Tobacco smoke is bad for the body however it enters. Aside from potential lung problems like cancer and emphysema, smoke and alcohol together are bad for the heart. Drinkers swallow smoke when doing both, and smoke is bad for the esophagus and stomach.  The energy drinks are just a source of sugar and caffeine.

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    Not very good.

    Smoking causes tar buildup in your lungs. The chemicsls block the walls of your alveoli, which are like little bubbles that your blood vessels run around. The oxygen you breathe in passes through your alveoli walls into your blood and carbon dioxide comes back out so you can get rid of it, but if your walls are covered with tar that can't happen. It means your blood isn't getting as much oxygen to it as it could do, which means your muscles won't be able to work very well which can lead to reduced strength and energy.

    Alcohol does damage to the liver in high concentrations, the liver can metabolise a certain amount of alcohol, breaking it down. This does release some toxins, but the liver can cope with those toxins and over time it can get rid of them. But if there is consistent heavy flow of alcohol into the liver, it can't detoxify itself once it breaks down the alcohol and eventually the toxins begin to break down your liver instead.

    Energy drinks will cause large fluctuations in blood sugar, which will again hurt your body as it has to try and regulate this. You're giving your body a massive sugar burst where you get a huge blood sugar and energy boost, followed by a massive drop in energy and blood sugar. This cycle over and over can lead to addiction first of all, since a blood sugar rise can be accompanied by endorphins (our happy hormones) which makes it much harder to resist the cravings for it. They have no nutritional value, so all the processes in your body that grow, repair and make cells will be stunted, and you will be devoid of real energy because your body isn't actually taking in anything it can make use of for more than a short time. Energy drinks don't hurt the body the same way smoking and alcohol does, but they cause addiction, massive hormone and energy fluctuation and lack any kind of benefit, which will mess your body up one way or another

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