Whenever I eat I binge?

My family keep asking if I have a problem with food eg I turn down food and have lost weight but when they ask if I don’t like eating and think I’m trying desperately to lose weight they have it all so wrong, if I eat anything I go into almost a trance and eat to the point I’m beyond full so it’s actually the opposite of not wanting food, I’m scared I’ll want all the food....is there a name for this? I can’t literally take much more it seems easier to just starve almost 😔

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  • Foofa
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    4 weeks ago
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    The name is "an eating disorder". If you can't eat a normal meal without binging you need some treatment. As long as you're not then vomiting and assuming you're not dangerously obese or underweight, this is probably something you could work on with some of the various sites and apps that exist. Noom is apparently a pretty good one. You may not be in serious trouble yet but you will be if you don't try to normalize your relationship with food. 

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