Do you have an expensive house,and how much is it worth?

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    1 month ago
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    We have a lovely family house....we live overlooking the beach and the view is incredible.The view of the ocean alone makes it a very expensive house.A rough guess I would expect the value of the house to be $2000,000.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    In 1979 we rented a cottage and had first dibs when the landlord wanted to sell. It was a small cottage that was built in 1927, on a hill across the street from a body of water with an unobstructed spectacular view. We paid $39,000.00 for the cottage in 1983, it was small, 668 square feet.

    In 1986, we remodeled and added onto the cottage, making a 1800 square foot home.

    We hired a contractor to frame and complete the house, from the outside. Then we hired an electrician, plumber and sheet rocker. We completed every surface ourselves, spending probably around $100K.

    Today the house is worth $325,000.00, no doubt. So, over the course of time, we have created a $186,000.00 profit if sold in today's market. It is hard to believe that a cottage in the 1980''s was purchased for what many cars cost today! And, cars eventually die and you have nothing to show for it!  Go figure!

  • 1 month ago

    Expensive is a relative term. My house is appraised at a little under $200,000. If it were in California instead of Texas it would probably be worth $2,000,000. Remember the old real estate adage about what is important, location, location, location.

  • Fubar
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    1 month ago

    Our house looks expensive an feels expensive and little snippets of information i hear from dad draws me to the conclusion it is expensive

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  • 1 month ago

    My house would now be moderately expensive for the area I live in.  Houses around here are selling for between £650,000 and £1,000,000 though my neighbour's house is on the market for £1.3million. My house is not in that league but it it suits me.  It's value is meaningless because I am happy living here.

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