Can I get a GED after I've already graduated High School?

I seriously regret not trying in High School. I was placed in low-level classes and cannot get accepted into a good college with them. But now, I've realised my mistake and want to get my GED to be accepted into a good college. Is this possible or am I doomed basically?

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    Most community colleges don't care about your GPA. Enroll there, take some courses, get good grades, and then transfer to a 4 year school. 

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    You are not allowed to take the GED if you have a high school diploma.  So that is not an option for you. 

    You should be able to be admitted to a community college, even with poor high school grades.  Then you could transfer to a 4-year school if you do well at the community college.

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    I agree with the other respondents who'd suggested attending the local community college, which usually just requires either a high school diploma or GED certificate.

    Before taking college-level classes at community college (such as college-level math, English, or college-level biology), one usually needs to take a "basic skills placement test" (or by similar name).  It usually tests English (including grammar), reading, writing, and math.  If a student was to get below a certain score, he or she may first need to take some remedial ("basic skills") classes before the college-level courses..

    One can attend community college for an Associate (two-year) degree and then apply as a "transfer" student to a four-year college or university.

    If wanting to study for the GED test, either the local community college or "county" public vo-tech school should offer GED classes (though, it may be tougher with the Covid-19 restrictions).  However, you do already have a high school diploma, so perhaps you're thinking of studying for the GED as more like personal enrichment.

    The local bookstore or public library (though, I'm not sure if libraries are currently open), for instance, may have GED study guides too.  Barron's is supposed to be one of the more reputable publishers.

    The website amazon may have reviews by former customers about certain books (or other such products).

    For U.S. community colleges:

    To search for various types of careers: and can click the "occupation groups" of interest and/or type into search for whichever careers that pique one's interest.

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    WHY. You graduated from high school diploma AND the high school transcripts to back up that diploma. You do not need a GED. A community college cares about your GPA only if it was below 2 2.0000. 

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    Check with your community colleges, they should offer GED testing and/or courses.  You need to 1st get this.  But you'll have to prove you can handle college courses.  And I suspect that means 2 years of community college, before you can even think about xfering to a regular college.     

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