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Which DAW Should I get?

I’m using a MacBook Pro, looking for something that can support a variety of genres. I do everything - LoFi, Jazz, Rap, Acoustic... so something that does good with digital music as well as some acoustic stuff. What do you recommend?

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    It's a completely unrestricted DAW. The type of music you use it for, any mix of sources from full backing audio through samples, multi-track live recordings, MIDI files - anything.

    And you can add any VST instruments or effects you like, to any track..

    Plus there is a totally free version, without some of the extras.

    I ran it on an ancient iMac for some time, but Apple dropped support for some firewire devices when they went to 64 bit & my control surface would not work, so I now run it on a Windows based setup.

    If you want to do any kind of recording, put your money towards a really good audio interface and a decent microphone; eg. a Shure SM58 for noisy surroundings or something like an MXL V67g or V87 condenser mic for silent surroundings.

    Be wary with mics, the majority aimed at non-professionals are scams with cheap electret inserts in oversize casings rather than actually being good quality.

    A Focusrite Scarlett or Presonus interface is a choice; you can only have one connected so make sure it has adequate numbers of inputs and outputs.

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    my mac has garage band which is good. that has stuff like jazz and acoustic guitar on it. you can use your microphone to sing and rap onto it

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