What is the NEC for hot tub electrical box in Los Angeles?

1 Answer

  • 5 months ago

    the box near the tub must act as a disconnect.  Further, a 240v GFCI is required which must protect people in the tub from accidental electrical discharge.  If there are lights inside that run on a 110v circuit, a separate GFCI may be required for them.  the whole must be properly installed, use conduit [flex works great] for the actual wiring, and be physically secure in a watertight housing.  I suspect there's a maximum distance requirement from the tub and am certain that the disconnect must be in direct line of sight [this so that a repair person working on the tub will know if someone goes to monkey with the disconnect while he's there.]  -- Of course, your local permits office will happily explain any more requirements.  And yes -- a building permit is required to install a hot tub.

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