I want to improve my SAT reading score. To do that, I'm reading articles online. So my question is what should I annotate for when reading those articles for the sat

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  • sam
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    3 months ago
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    They may have changed things but to my knowledge the SAT doesn't check how you annotate things. It asks you reading comprehension questions and grammar questions. If annotation helps you, do it however your brain needs to understand the text best.

    Find a really dense text, like an introduction to an old book, or something on philosophy or science. (basically something that you don't know much about). Go through it and see if you can understand the gist of the writing and what the writer's point of view is. Then look for specific words or phrases to see if there's anything you didn't know, and check to see if you guessed correctly from context what the words mean. Go through the text again and look for any literary techniques that stick out. Do you see any personification? Metaphors? Similes? 

    After a few weeks of this, I would go back to some practice test books and see if your score has improved. 

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