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Can somebody help explain what’s happening with my left eye. Details are below.?

So my eyes in general are healthy and never had a problem with them, I do have reading glasses for slight long sightedness but other than that my eyes are really healthy! 

About a month ago one day I woke up and suddenly my left eye was burning and felt like I had something sharp in there. A few people looked into my eye and none could see anything! I tried a few eye drops and washing my eye out and blinking loads but blinking made it worse! And I would have short respites where I couldn’t open my eye but it didn’t hurt so much and then all of a sudden it would start burning and watering and felt like something was in there.

I went to the pharmacy and they couldn’t do anything for me, my docs told me to call out of hours later that night but I didn’t! All day my eye was like this and then suddenly it stopped watering and burning and no sharp pain! I still couldn’t open my eye properly that night so went to bed and woke up next morning and it was like nothing ever happened!

in the last month I’ve had the same thing happen but not as severe as the first time where out of nowhere it feels like something is in my eye like a stone or something and it’s very sore and waters like crazy! And again it disappears as fast as it came on and I’m fine again! Nothing seems to be in there and it happens all of a sudden and stops just as quickly! I don’t want to go to my doctors because I’ve been to the doctors about a few medical issues lately and feeling a bit shy about keep on going back

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