Why are black gangs so different from white gangs?

White gangs such as mafia, hells angels, outlawz, ayran brotherhood, Irish mob ect are so much different and organised compared to the black gangs

For  instance black gangs often kill little kids by shooting stray bullets they sag their pants and smoke dope all day they recruit kids and teens ect whereas the whites have more respect for civilians or ordinary people they have a code very honorable well the majority of them are ot seems these black gangs have no respect or any clue on how to be a gangster most don't make it out the hood or end up in prison or killed cause they ain't smart enough like the white gangs they know ho to do crime the blacks just don't and I'm not implying that it's anything to do with the colour of their skin its just a weird phenomenon 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago


    Because whites are lazy and have peons to manage.

    The darker the skin, the more savage. Primitive. 

    I'm not being racist, really. It goes back to what a bunch of white supremacists say. 

    Blacks have lower IQs. 

    Means they're not lazy but not intelligent. 

    Whites have higher IQs. 

    Means you're more lazy but intelligent.

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