Need help with Salvage Car Retitling?

I bought a Texas salvage title car from an auction, and had it shipped to me in New Jersey. The car was a previously in a theft, which is why it is salvage title and had some minor front end damage which was repaired by the insurance company before I purchased it. I have a few questions about getting the rebuilt title:

1) Do I need bills of sale for parts purchased for the car by the insurance company?2) Do I need to transfer the texas salvage title to a new jersey salvage title before "rebuilding"3) I do not have a theft report, do I only need this to get the salvage title, or do I need this for the rebuilt title too?4) When do "before" pictures need to be taken? I do not know what the car looked like before the insurance company did repairs

Thanks for the help!!! Will rate ASAP!

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    5 months ago
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    As it was repaired by the insurance company, then the car NEVER WAS TOTALED. So never a REBUILD.  It was repaired(something bodyshops do every day). So the car was damaged.   That is all.

      You need the TITLE TO THE CAR. Then register it in Jersey. Done. DMV don't care the history of the car. They don't need to see a parts list. You bought from an auction and they should have given you all the paperwork....or it is still in the glovebox of the car.  No need to schit.  Your good to go. An Auction is like a dealership...just not as fancy. They know the seller and the buyer because you are on their records. They are the middleman.  You talk to the auction house if you got a paperwork problem and they will contact the seller. The seller may contact you directly. But it all should be there in the car.Keep it Simple,cause that is what they do.

  • bo
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    5 months ago

    this should of been done before buying it. sounds like one big headache that you might not get titled and able to drive. best bet now start selling it for parts

  • May
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    5 months ago

    You need to do whatever the New Jersey DMV requires that you do.

    No title?  Good luck.  You are going to need it

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    You should have looked into this before buying it.  Im sure their website will tell you. Expect to pay $100-200 for someone to inspect it and assuming it passes you shoud be able to get a regular or rebuilt or whatever your state calls it so you can buy a tag.  

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Go to the NJ DMV website.  Or consult a competent body shop in your area that repairs salvage title cars.

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