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Possible Pregnancy?

I have been taking ovulation tests to track when I am ovulating. The first two were the cvs brand and the last two were clear blue. I got a positive ovulation test but after 4 days I am still getting a strong positive. I took the Ella pill about a week ago. Is this normal?  I'm really stressed and worried.


I took the Ella pill when the ovulation tests were negative.

Update 2:

I understand that Ella would delay ovulation. I guess my question is if it is normal to have a positive ovulation test for more than 4 days?

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    I don't understand why you are trying to track ovulation if you are also using an emergency contraceptive.

    Ella DELAYS ovulation - so YES - you would get ovulation hormones again if you had not actually ovulated for this cycle.  Ella does not STOP ovulation - it only delays it.  If you want to completely stop ovulation - then you need to talk to your doctor about birth control options that prevent ovulation.  

    Ovulation tests are only READING HORMONE LEVELS.  An ovulation test shows that the hormone levels are right for an egg to release - but it does not prove exactly WHEN the egg will release.  It just means an egg could release at anytime during that hormone surge.  

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