Is it wise to travel from North West London into South East London just to attend a job interview during this pandemic ?

I have to attend an interview out there but was curious if its wise to go or not.

I don't want to increase the likelihood of contracting covid-19 simply because the employer wants me to have a physical face to face interview.

Also I'll be travelling from North West London all the way down to South East London.  During this commute I wonder how many potential covid-19 'encounters' I may have,  even if I touch contaminated surface on public transport or lord know what else.

Am I obliged to request a video interview instead or must I simply go to this interview regardless of Govts advice to 'remain in social bubble' ?

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  • Wear cloves and a mask if you have to take public transit. 

    They should be practicing physical distancing in the interview (don't shake hands or touch the person conducting the interview), keep your distance but still smile and greet them. You shouldn't have to wear a mask in the interview, unless you think physical distancing will be a challenge. Or use hand sanitizer if soap and water aren't readily available. Wash your hands before and after the interview and when you get home, also chance your clothes when you get home. 

    If you get the job you will be taking public transit, so you should get more comfortable with it as this will be your 'new normal'. 

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    Even if you don't touch anything, just breathing the same air as someone is enough, so don't take transport if you can avoid it.  It would be better to drive your car there.  Remember to bring enough money to pay a car park.

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    Wear a mask - a good mask, social distance, wear disposable gloves and turn away from anyone who looks your way, while not getting close to them.  You should be fine but it is up to you to keep yourself safe.

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    1 month ago

    Well, if you were to get the job, you would be travelling daily, so once for an interview is insignificant, if you want the job. The infection rate across London is actually very low at this time. Wear the obligatory mask, and avoid touching what you don't need to, is my policy.

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    1 month ago

    It's up to you to determine how "wise" it is.    

    You've said nothing about your risk factors, how badly you need the job, etc.    

    Are you a skilled worker who would have no problem finding a job elsewhere?    Or are you two weeks away from homelessness?   

    We are not clairvoyant.   Presumably you are an adult with a brain and can weigh the risks/rewards yourself.  

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