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Teeth extraction vs jaw surgery?

I have a 11 mm overbite and I was told I can get 2 upper teeth extracted and braces which won’t solve the issue entirely. Or have lower jaw surgery and braces. I stated I’d do the jaw surgery since it will solve the issue entirely. I haven’t gotten my braces on yet but I’m thinking now I might just want the extractions because I don’t have any problems with pain or anything so I think doing surgery might not really make sense. What should I do? 

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    Long term, what is going to be the impact long term from each procedure? Then, base your decision on what the docs tell you. 

    As an older guy who did not have issue when younger, I now have an overbite. Doc says it developed due to the caps on my two front teeth that at one time, were replaced by a hack.  That overbite, not an issue when younger, has caused issues and will continue to do so as I age, but it is too late to correct at my age, damage is done. So long term is what you need to ask about, look at.

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