Steps to becoming a realtor or insurance sales?

So I’ve been really interested in a career switch! I’m 22 and I’ve been working blue collar jobs I’ve been doing very well for myself, but I work long hours and I am not very happy with the lifestyle. I tried the college thing I have an associates in liberal arts, but no degree really interested me. I have been looking into realtor or even insurance sales I have been bartending on the side for 2 years and get along great with people and love interaction. I have been doing online research but everything I’ve been looking at is different. I just wanna know the certifications and the steps i need to do to maybe get a potential job in these fields. Also want some advice on which field to go into

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  • 1 month ago

    Realtor - Got at least two years of all of your expenses paid?  Because you won't earn anything for at least that amount of time, and many people fail at it - never make anything.  Insurance sales = Hustler.  Tried it briefly years ago.  Sold some life insurance and health insurance but I never made anywhere near enough to pay for the mileage I put on my brand new car.  My biggest account was stolen by the owner of the company - got screwed.  He later went to prison for 12 years.  I had moved out of the area and found out just by Googling his name.  If I had to choose today, I'd choose a realtor & hope for the best, but you are going to have to have money to live on for at least two years, maybe more and if you allow more and more, at some point, you should give up.  Some can do it, some can't.  And there has to be a real estate company who will take you on.  If you don't have that, you have nothing.

    Source(s): Friends & Extended Family who are successful and some who have failed miserably.
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