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Why does Denver, CO have a lower daily temperature range than South Lake Tahoe, CA in the summer?  ?

I understand high elevation areas have higher daily temperature ranges than low elevation areas. However, Denver is at a lower elevation compared to South Lake Tahoe. Denver: 5,130–5,690 ft South Lake Tahoe: 6,237 ft Average high and lows in warmest month of Denver which is July: 89.4°F/58.9°F Average high and lows in warmest month of South Lake Tahoe which is July: 80.8°F/41.4°F

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    South Lake is more alpine than Denver. Denver is generally high plains while South Lake is more mountainous with it being built on granite cliffs. 

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    A. I think you have the temperature examples backwards. 

    B. Denver is protected by the Colorado rockies. 

    C. It could be due to humidity as it's probably more humid near lake Tahoe.

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