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How do I know if I’m pregnant?

I am kind of embarrassed to talk about this as I am genuinely a shy person. Today me and my boyfriend had this moment. And we didn’t fully have sexual intercourse. Nothing was inserted into me. But it was on me. In a way if that makes sense. I am still a teenager. I have cysts in my ovaries which cause some pain normally and I’m having cramps right now. I’m not sure if they are because of my cysts or any other reason. And I’m scared that I may be pregnant. I didn’t have sex and I was making sure nothing went inside me because no protection was used. He is pretty sure that no sperm was about. As he hadn’t ejaculated. But I still fear it. And I’m stressing. 


I also get irregular period due to my cysts so I haven’t had my flow yet. And I’m 16. 

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    Relax.  You don't get pregnant in a couple of minutes.  First, sperm would have to get into your vagina.  No penetration and no ejaculation makes that nearly impossible.  Second, you'd have to be ovulating right now, today, in order for you to get pregnant from sex today.

    When is your period due?  Cramps are usually a sign that your period is about to start.  If that is the case, you would have ovulated a week or so ago, so you wouldn't be able to get pregnant now. The way you know you are pregnant is you wait until you missed a period by a week and then take a home pregnancy test.  

    I would strongly encourage you to read up on how conception happens and also don't fool around with your boyfriend if he isn't wearing a condom. 

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