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Why do some people arrive at the airport 3 hours early for domestic travel and 5 hours early for international travel?

My friends excuse is she like eating before a flight and uses the club. Well why not eat at home????

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    Some people arrive early for everything sounds like your friend has a 

    good reason.

  • Jay P
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    1 month ago

    What business is it of yours what other people do with their own time Anonymous Yahoo troll?

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    The recommendation from TSA is to arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to departure for domestic travel, 3 hours for international. My recommendation is to add 30 minutes to those recommendations in order to take into account any unforeseen issues either at the ticket counter or at the security checkpoint. 

    The more time you give yourself, the better. Any time left over, you can either tour the airport, relax at the gate, or have a meal at one of the restaurants beyond the checkpoint. (How often do you get the chance to eat at the airport?)

    The idea is to reduce the stress of travel. Getting to the departing airport early is but one facet.  

    Addendum: If you are late for your flight, the TSA will not accommodate you.

    Source(s): Work part-time as a TSA officer.
  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Why do you really care what someone else does?  Maybe they like their airline club/lounge.  Maybe they feel that their vacation starts the moment they enter the airport.  Maybe they had a bad experience or two that caused them to miss their flight.   

    Why do you feel the need to stick your nose in someone else's business?

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    as the saying goes, better early than late. It's a headache if you miss your flight.  case in point, i missed my flight today by 5 minutes.  I mean, technically I was on time but you have to be on board 20 minutes early.  They only operate once a day so I had to get another room at the last minute.  I will get to the airport 4 hours early tomorrow!

  • 1 month ago

    Perhaps she sees it as part of the trip.  If i am going on holiday, I usually factor in a nice meal (which is usually more expensive than normal) as it feels like the holiday has begun.  I have never used any club or lounge.

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    I will just add, if you are paying for the lounge use, then use it, some lounges are kinda nice and the food can be free

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    People get nervous about missing flights.  Things do happen.  If you travel often, then you get a sense for the real time you need to give yourself, but anything can still mess it up.  From traffic getting to the airport to unexpected lines checking in to long security lines.  When you take into account the downside of missing your flight, the little bit of extra time is a good peace of mind.

    PS:  While in theory that is nice, I always seem to be rushed and worried.  I've never missed a flight, but I've come close enough that I should know better.

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    1 month ago



    Learn to pronounce


    a meddling or prying person.

    "others considered him an interfering busybody"

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    Just in case something unexpected happens. You’re told to get to the airport about 2 hours before your domestic flight. But if you leave early, you’ll get their on time if there’s a traffic jam. Just yesterday, the radio said there was a jam that started around noon, and I was driving home around 6 pm. 

    Another time, someone left an abandoned suitcase at the airport and the police shut the area down so people couldn’t move through the area if they had a connecting flight where they must travel through that area. 

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