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My dog has mixed emotion towards me.?

Me and my one year old puppy have been best friends basically from the very beginning. She has always stuck by my side. She sit on my lap and push her face into mine. She's a very cuddly puppy. She loves hugs and kisses on her forehead. She is not the type of dog to be scared of that stuff. One day, I went and hung out with friends. I came home she barked at me like she had never seen me before. When I walked up to her I just thought it was because missed me. I tried to give a kiss on the forehead and she bit me. I assumed it was maybe a day she was moody but she's never bit someone before. it's been months and she'll still randomly bite me. it's completely random. I have never done anything thats made my dog scared of me and now she suddenly is. I thought maybe it was because she a nightmare about me or something. My mom says it's because I have braces and nobody else in my family has them. She thinks when my puppy is shoving her face next mine she can feel the braces. My mom also says maybe whenever I smile at my puppy because I have braces maybe she sees as I'm like showing my teeth as like an aggression thing. If you have braces and a dog has this happened to you? Is my braces the problem? Does my dog hate me? Please help because sometimes she scared of me and sometimes she's not. I don't want her to be stressed all the time because I'm in the room please help!

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  • J M
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    1 month ago

    The problem may be a scent you picked up. Don’t put your face close to her, it is considered aggressive to a dogs mind.

  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    A 1yr old is not a puppy......... it is a young adult

    "She has always stuck by my side"... so displays anxiety

    "She sit on my lap and push her face into mine."... so displaying as a higher pack member than you are

    "She's a very cuddly puppy. She loves hugs and kisses on her forehead."........ no that is what you like and a pack leader( the dog) DEMANDS attention from lower pack members ( you)

    So the anxiety is because you are not taking leadership with a dog who is insecure so displays with reaction/aggression, when you ( a lower pack member) assumes you can make decisions about 'kissing' the dog.

    Your mother is incorrect it is nothing at all to do with your braces, it is because you think the dog is a cuddly toy instead of respecting it as another animal species and giving it what it NEEDS which is obedience, training, socialisation and you taking control and responsibility for any and all it doesn't need to....... nothing mixed emtions about it, you/the humans in the household have not stepped up and took responsibility /leadership, FORCING the dog to take that vacant job and a dogs disapline is instant and far less kind than human disapline is.

    'IF' you want to change this then start with NILIF, book some dog training classes and get yourself a teddy bear to kiss and cuddle as if you continue to do that to the dog in the state it is in now, you will end up in hospital with a bite to the face and the dog will be PTS

  • Jojo
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    1 month ago

    I have no idea why your family dog shows erratic behaviour towards you, but

    I feel there is more to this story than you are letting on.!!!  JMO


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