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How to convince this woman my interest is genuine?

We haven't met but had connected for few months via online dating portal.

I really liked her but she had lied about her marital status. I didn't like that and dumped her 2 months ago.

I was also considering another girl in my local city but that didn't work out.

So, I decided to reconnect with this first woman to give things another go. She tells me that she doesn't think I am serious about her as her divorced status was a big deal for me.

Is there a way for me to convince her?


I dumped her because I felt she was insecure to lie about her being divorced. And yes, I didn't want a divorced woman as longterm partner. But, now after sometime has gone by and she actually never contacted me again, I realised that she's not desperate and it was brave for her to disclose her past. She could lie forever if she wanted. But she chose to inform me once she started to like me. 

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    Admit she is right, but also, remind her, you never said you were perfect and the mistake you made, is PROOF that you are NOT.Ask her if she has ever made a mistake?This is how you begin to Communicate and Understand each other.THERE WILL BE other mistakes, but that is how you begin to learn about each other.

    Even if she doesn't forgive or accept your attempt, this is still good practice for your

     for future errors.

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    No. Because you are sending mixed messages. You dumped her because she lied? Or you dumped her because she's divorced? Or you dumped her because she lied about being divorced? And now you want her back. Not going to work. She senses, for good reason, you're trying to pick her up on a rebound. You weren't seriously interested until the other woman didn't work out. Ask yourself why you are so desperate that you would assert and then withdraw what you are thinking of as your standards.

    Best of luck.

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