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Is it normal to be in a plateau for 3 weeks?

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  • Elle
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    1 month ago

    YES!  As a Nurse Epidemiologist, we had to take classes in diet and nutrition therapy on top of many classes about our bodies.

    Now for the "plateau".  The body starts to lose weight and you're all excited yada yada... but when your body detects the big change, it will notify all 10 body systems. As a result, the systems come to a stand still or just slow down to a crawl. 

    So now what do you do?  Taking a calorie count each day and add 100 kcals.  Your body will now proceed slowly with caution and the weight will start to feel everything is OK and life goes on...  STOP telling people you are on a diet... and why is that?  It sets you up for failure.  People are watching and waiting for little bits of food.   I wish you well and success!

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