sticky putty petroleum distillates free?

I want to place on my kitchen cabinet doors a typed-up inventory list of everything I have for each cabinet (food, dishes, spices, cups, cutting boards, etc...) because I have a tendency of placing some of these items in different cabinets and I end up not finding exactly what kitchen appliances, tools, spices, food items, pots, or pans are.  With a typed up inventory list, I would know where everything is and know which cabinets to place them back in.  It helps me with keeping myself organized.  But my cabinets are made of wood (white painted wood) with some type of finish on it.  The guy who made the cabinets and installed them in place told me that if I want to use sticky putty to place a typed-up inventory list, he said I'm suppose to make sure that the putty doesn't have petroleum distillates.  He said something about it ruining the kitchen cabinet finish by permanently leaving spots on the cabinets if I were to use sticky putty with petroleum distillates.  Are there any specific brands of sticky putty I should look for that doesn't have any petroleum distillates?  If so, where should I or at different stores?

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