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Why get tested for COVID, I think you would know it . when you feel sick, and then there is no cure. except of letting it take its course?


.....and then, let's say you got tested and came back negative, 20 minutes later you could get COVID

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    4 weeks ago

    You need to get tested for a couple of reasons.

    1.  So you know to warn others you were in contact with and quarantine yourself as to not infect others.  If everyone was good about getting tested COVID would stop spreading around.   

    2.  To understand if it's something else that isn't as serious or treatable.

    3.  There are treatments for some of the more serious symptoms and it's helpful to know if you have it so you can keep an eye on things like your blood oxygen level.  Something as simple as an oxygen mask could save your life, but you need to know to go to the hospital in enough time.  

    4. If you do actually get it you are very contagious for up to 6 WEEKS.  (Not to be confused with the 2 week quarantine for people exposed, but not sick.) Tests are important to know when you are no longer contagious and can go back to work\life. 

    Many people might feel better after a few days, but could be super spreaders for a couple of weeks.  Don't be part of the problem.  

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    Many people get infected and don't have any symptoms. 

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    Why post this under "Computers and Internet" when thee is a "News and Events" topic that is surely more appropriate?

    But to answer your question:  If you are going to take medicine for whatever you have, it would be nice to know what it is so you could take the right stuff, don't you think?

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    1 month ago

    Then there are the people that are the carriers. They ain't sick yet but are fully contagious(so full of germs for everybody else).  That is the problem.  People who get it don't die immediately. Then one just steps over the bodies.  It is the "Zombies" who are dangerous to dozens of other people.

    If you are "clean" mask up and avoid others as much as possible so you stay clean.  Is it such a hard trick? Getting Lots of Sunshine on your skin produces Vitamin D which is a free true combatant of Covid 19. So get naked and sun tan.

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  • 1 month ago

    Covid-19 test is mandatory, because of So if he test positive he will be careful and not to infect others.

  • 1 month ago

    So if you test positive you will be careful not to infect others. 

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    There are more sicknesses out there than Covid19.  If you do have it, then you know to quarantine yourself and to not push through it like you might a common cold.  You can also let people and places know that you recently had contact with so that they can take precautions to not spread it to other people.  In short, it's the responsible thing to do as a member of society.

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    1) There is a drug that speeds recovery.

    2) When you can't get oxygen to your tissues, you can be put on a ventilator, which could keep you from dying long enough to recover.

    3) If you are positive, would you want to spread the virus to your family and friends?

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    Being tested also lets you know if you are a carrier, and if so, to take precautions so you don't spread it to someone who is medically fragile. It isn't all about whether or not you think you can beat it yourself if you get it. 

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    You can carry it without displaying any symptoms.

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