to take a ride?

Is it sentence clear or is it weird?

I am intending to take a ride tomorrow with my friends by car. 

(In this case, I will not drive, so I will go downtown by car but not driving the car, so take the ride with someone who will drive)

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    It is clear but weird. It's redundant to say "by car"- that's assumed. And the idiom 'take a ride" is not usually used for going by car to a destination. It is, as someone else has said, used for a recreational drive, just to see the sights, or to enjoy the experience.

    "I'm going downtown with my friends tomorrow."

    "My friend is giving me a ride downtown tomorrow."

    "We're going downtown, and my friend will drive."

    "My friend offered me a ride downtown tomorrow." 

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    This is not a sentence, but a phrase, and it is correct.

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    I intend to take a ride with my friends tomorrow. by car is implied but is not necessary and even is a bit unnecessary.  Only if the ride was not by car would you need to say what type of ride.  We all assume you are getting a ride in a car.  Most other rides are uncommon.  My friend is giving me a ride tomorrow (he is taking me by car).  My friend is giving me a ride on his airplane tomorrow (I get to fly in a plane, yay!).

    taking a ride usually means going for a drive without any real destination or purpose.  You would be getting a ride from your friends if they were taking you somewhere specific (like to work or school).

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