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Can i still wear my contact lenses if my eye is red? ?

I just had a contact lens appointment yesterday however because it was my first time ever using them i had to take practice using them in front of the optician. So in total i ended up putting them in 3 times and taking them out 3 times in one day. This has left my right eye pretty red and sore. Should i just keep wearing them or leave them out for a day? I'm not sure what to do as my eyes are supposed to be getting use to them a little each day in time for my next appointment next week. Will the redness go away if i keep wearing them? Obviously I'd presume this wouldn't usually happen and it's just because of the amount of times i had to take them in and out. Should i leave it a day or just keep wearing them? Is there any eye drops i can get to help with this? Thanks

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No don't wear them! You will likely not be able to wear contacts like many other people. Don't wear them again till you talk to your optometrist. Wear your glasses for now as that will likely be your only option!

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