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For Indian expats or Brits who have traveled to India: How does the Chicken Masala Tikka here compare with the chicken curries over there?


Yeah but still it was created by the indian immigrants in britain......

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    Chicken masala tikka is a British invention. Although there is a claim that it was invented in 1971 in the Punjab, there was already a recipe published in a British cookbook "Indian Cookery" from 1961. I've never had chicken masala tikka in India, but I have had various curries in India and the biggest difference between Indian curries and curries made in other countries is that Indian curries are not sweet or as sweet. For me, non-Indian curries are just too sweet and it covers up or overwhelms the flavor of the spices. It's like eating a prime cut of beef that's cooked with sugar. Yuck!

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    I'm British and never travelled to India, but I know that Chicken Tikka Massala is not a genuine Indian dish, it was first made in London in 1977, and quickly became a popular 'Indian' restaurant or takeaway option.

    Similarly, Balti originated in Birmingham, even more recently, in 1984. 

    It would be interesting to know if either of these dishes have been introduced to India, or Pakistan or Bangladesh by those returning to the Sub-continent to visit family, or on holiday or business or to make a permanent return, If they have, no doubt they will be sold as 'British dishes'.

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