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Is Walmart alcohol good/reliable?

I’m buying drinks like tequila and whiskey, I was gonna buy it at the usual place where I buy it which is called “Total wine and more” but I don’t know why I wanted to see if Walmart sold the same drinks for maybe a different price and they did. I mean if there’s a different on price there must be a different in quality right? Like “Don Julio” or “Crown Royal” at Total wine vs The Walmart version. Is Walmart alcohol the same bottle as sold in other stores? Same quality and everything? Or does it actually taste cheap?

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    If the exact same label is on each bottle, then it's the exact same stuff inside the bottle. There is always a possibility of counterfeit spirits or wine, but that's very unlikely at Walmart. If someone is selling it out of the back of truck for a super bargain price, maybe, but no major retailer is likely to risk the scandal and convictions that would ensue if they got caught selling fake alcohol. I haven't heard of counterfeit alcohol being sold in North America but I know it has happened in Britain.

    The reasons for a difference in price at different stores are various. A giant retailer like Walmart may be able to buy the product cheaper since they are buying in huge quantities. They sell all kinds of things and can afford, perhaps, to make a little less profit per bottle than a smaller retailer. There is also something called a 'loss leader', where a store sells something very cheaply, even at a loss, because they know that if they can lure you into the store to buy that thing then you will probably buy other stuff while you're there and they'll make money on that stuff.

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    Walmart is always reliable to me specially for their gifts.

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  • Anonymous
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    My local Walmart doesn't sell liquor, just beer, wine, and mixers; but a lower price at retail 

    - wherever it might be - is usually because they buy in larger quantities than competition.

  • Kurt
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    It's the same  liquor that's sold at other stores. I don't think they distill their own whiskey.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They do that with computers. But I would be inclined to trust alcohol with the same label.

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    If a Walmart sold item is branded "Great Value" in alcoholic beverages, it is their own brand manufactured by an unknown source. A manufacturer could offer Walmart special brand labeling only sold at Walmart. However, a known brand is the same anywhere you buy it as long as the sub-brand is identical also. There are 9 Don Julio Tequilas, the same at Walmart as sold anywhere else. It may not be any cheaper there either. 

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    Walmart only sells beer and sweet mixers. But the quality is the same. 

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