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Severe sunburn - really need help 😢 (pics)?

I used many layers of suncream, trust me! I don’t tend to go in the sun much & so had to use someone’s factor 15! I usually have 50. The other areas of my body has just peeled but my chest area is absolutely killing me. I’ve applied aloe vera gel & i suppose it’s helped the surrounding areas, however it is now bleeding and oozing yellow. It is so painful. I was just wondering if you guys could tell me abit more about it? Is this even bad? What remedy could I use to help speed the healing process?

Do i bathe it and wet it or try my best to keep it dry? 

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    your invisible pictures of your sunburn are so amazing and when you say you have pictures we expect pictures so we can answer you

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    Try this:-

    - dab some aftershave lotion on the burned skin. It relieves the pain promptly.

    - dissolve half a cup of baking soda in a tepid bath. Soak for 15 minutes, then let the powdered solution dry on your skin.

    - fill a bath tub with warm water and add four hand fulls of dried milk, and soak for 20 minutes.

    - pour two cups of cheerios into a blender and grind into a powder. Put it in a warm bath and soak for 30 minutes. The oatmeal soothes the sunburn. Use a plastic or mesh drain cover as you empty the bath so the cereal won't clog your pipes up.

    - spread some cool whip dessert topping or some yogurt (any flavor will do but plain is best) on the sunburn, let sit for 20 minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water.

    - after using one of the soaking in a bath techniques, rub your burned skin with some vegetable shortening or lubriderm, which seals the moisture into your skin.

    - coat the sunburn with nappy rash cream or miracle whip dessert topping to reduce the pain and redness.

    - moisten a flannel with some witch hazel or white vinegar and apply it to the burn.

    - rub some mustard on the sunburn to stop the stinging and prevent blistering. Let it dry on your skin.

    - apply some aloe vera gel on the sunburned skin, which soothes the skin and relieves the pain.

    - mix some corn starch with a little water to make a paste, and apply directly to the burn.

    - pat the sunburned area with wet tea bags. The tannic acid in the tea relieves the sunburn pain. Alternatively, empty a jar of powdered iced tea mix into a bath tubs, fill the bath with warm water and soak in it, as this works just as well. 

    - spray some Niagra spray starch on the sunburned skin. This cools the burned skin.

    - coat the sunburned skin with some Milk of Magnesia, let dry and leave on overnight. This keeps your skin cool all night and relieves the pain.

    - rub some preparation H into the burned skin immediately to quell the burning and relieve the pain.

    - grind one cup of porridge oats into a fine powder with a blender, then put it in a clean, used stocking, or cut a leg from a pair of clean, used tights, then pour the oats into it, and tie a knot in the nylon. Run a bath, hanging the nylon sack from the spigot as the bath fills with warm water. Soak for 30 minutes, and also use the sack as a flannel.

    - apply an ice pack to the burned skin to relieve the pain. If you don't have one, a bag of frozen food - such as a bag of frozen peas - will work just as well. Or you can make one with a resealable food bag and a jelly mix. Simply make the jelly up to package directions, let it cool enough to pour into a resealable food bag and freeze it. Once it's frozen, you've got a home made flexible ice pack which can be used on more or less any part of the body. Once it thaws, simply refreeze it.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Joey Green's Amazing Kitchen Cures (book).
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    take ibuprofen for the pain--I would gently rinse off the oozy areas and apply some kind of antibiotic (do they still make that bactine you spray on?) keep the dry patches moisturized..(coconut oil? cocoa oil?)

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    Cold compresses--damp, cold, CLEAN cotton towels--and get to a DOCTOR.  Burns that bad need medical care. They are SECOND DEGREE BURNS. Blistering, bleeding and pain are not conditions you want to get worse--and worse than that, they can get horribly infected. They will probably give you something via a prescription to keep on them, and you will need to cover them until they begin to heal. 

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    Aloe Vera gel is good for healing sun burn

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    maybe you should go see your doctor about it

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