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Should I have to order food for my coworkers every day?

So here's the story. I'm a clerk/assistant, which means I have administrative duties along with jobs to assist my boss. As part of my job, I have to order food for my boss every day and I do this by calling a specific person every day. In the beginning, if one or two of my coworkers would ask for me to order food for them, I would do it because I didn't mind. However, more of them are starting to join in. It bothers me that they expect me to offer them food every day and be willing to put in their orders every day/collect money from them. They also don't want to go downstairs to pick up their food, they expect me to bring all their food upstairs. I would like to point out that I never order from this man and its NOT my job to order their food every day.  How can I politely tell them that I will no longer be ordering their food?

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    i would just ask them to do it too

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    Just say in a friendly way, "People, it was fine when there were only one or two people involved, bit it's getting a bit much for me now. I still have to order for the boss, but if anyone else needs anything, could you set up a rota among yourselves? Thanks!"?

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    Why not place the orders online and tell them that they can do it themselves?  Do you handle payment for them?  

    Alternatively, ask your boss to "limit" you to ordering food for your boss.

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