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Should I run even if i’m injured?

I’ve been running consistently for awhile now but ive been having bad pain in my lower hip when walking/running. should i take time off or run anyways? if i should take time off how long?


Also how long can I take off without hurting my times?

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    4 weeks ago

    You should see an ortho doctor to determine the reason for the pain. Continuing to run with pain can be risky. You might make the issue worse (something that may have been resolved with PT may end up needing surgery, for example). Listen to your body. Even if you need to take some time off running, there may be other activities you can safely do (biking or swimming, for example...it really depends on what's causing the pain).

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    There's a good chance this is running related. If it is, and if you stop running, it will likely heal. But, without knowing what injury it is, and what the cause is, we can't give you better advice than that. If you do not make a change, there is a good chance the injury will return when you start running again.

    It could be something minor, which a good stretching routine or change of shoes will fix. It could be more serious, such as a stress fracture, which could require weeks of no running. 

    I suggest you consult your family physician or sports medicine. 

    Standard disclaimers: We are not qualified to make a medical diagnosis or to dispense medical advice. Even if someone on Yahoo! Answers is medically qualified, a diagnosis cannot be made without examining you in person. Appropriate advice cannot be given without a qualified person making a proper diagnosis.

    Update: You can take up to a week off without hurting your times. But, if you are injured, it could take longer than a week to heal. Running that aggravates an injury can force you to take more time off in the long run.

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