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President Trump has said “BLM is A symbol of HATE”, & most Americans agree, yet the leftist goons still try to hide its hideous character?

How come CNN refuse to post the White House press briefing? And the whole fake news media refuse to acknowledge that Seattle mayor only give permission to clear CHOP when its thugs surrounded her multimillions dollars house?

BLM a is a HATE & TERRORISTS organization, if the president being hampered by state law, can’t get the national guard in, the good Americans gonna beat the sh*t of these leech maggots off CHOP any way.

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    May or may not have started out that way. At this point that doesn't even matter. What does is what has become associated with it and that would be the burning, raping, pillaging and violence that seem to accompany it. Right or wrong, When one hears BLM are marching down the road, most citizens flee.  Sort of does represent hate and violence now.

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    3 months ago

    *yawn*.  Like anyone is going to put any stock in the ravings of a confirmed and self-confessed white supremacist like you and Trump.  Can we see the evidence that shows that "most Americans agree" with Trump, please?

    EDIT, 13 hours later -- Can we see the evidence that shows that "most Americans agree" with Trump now, please?  Where is it?

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    "Most Americans"? You will have to leave your trailer park to get an accurate survey.

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    3 months ago

    "Most Americans agree..."

    You mean the pigfaced cons right?

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    America has many people from all over the world.  Hispanics,,Vietnamese Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Europeans.   Why is it only the black people have problems with the police?  Could it be they commit most of the crimes, refuse arrest and attack the police?

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    How about you get back to us when Trump cares more about living American  troops than he does dead Confederate  troops. 

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