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Men, what is your reasoning for pretending to like a woman?

This man has been telling me he likes me and how he wants to have something with me that he's interested in me. Yet I see he's following some half-naked model on Facebook. Why would he say he’s interested in me when I’m not his type?

Why not just say you aren't interested? It's really that simple. 

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    He does like you or he wouldn't have said so.  There is a difference between fantasy and reality.  The fantasy may be fun to look at and think about, but you are just as desirable and much more real.

    If this bothers you that he follows this person, then be open and honest and let him know.  If he respects you, then he will agree to compromise and reasonably adjust his behavior.  As long as you aren't unreasonable or overly demanding, then this shouldn't be a issue.  Understanding that it is incumbent on you to make similar compromises and adjustments to your behavior regarding things he would like as well.

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    The model is his fantasy, she is untouchable for him, instead you are on hand to satisfy yourself.

  • Anonymous
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    Again with this question?!  You didn't like the answers you got the last time you posted? 

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