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Appendicitis or period cramps?

About a week an a half ago I had diarrhea and nausea for 2 weeks. Now my lower right abdomen is having a very full pain and a sorta pressure feeling. My period is in 7 days and I normally get cramps before it starts. But because of what happened a week and a half ago in worried it's appendicitis and my mom refuses to take me to the doctor. When I was sick she claimed it was anxiety. And says I'm fine when I tell her I'm worried about my appendix. So do you think it's period cramps or appendicitis?


Sorry. I meant a very dull pain. Not full

Update 2:

Also right now I don't feel any pain but last night I did

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    Stop worrying.  And do yourself a favor and stop looking up symptoms online.  Dull pain that comes on and off is NOT appendicitis.  It could be gas, a GI tract issue, and or PMS.

    If you tend to be anxious and or a hypochondriac, it is understandable that your mother wouldn't jump to take to to the doctor.  Relax.  Instead of ruminating about unlikely medical scenarios, work on developing skills to deal with your anxiety as well as improving your diet to help with your overall health.

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