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Looking for advice on housing benefit element of universal credit?

Hi, I am moving out from my parents house in the next 2 weeks. I am a single person aged under 35, therefore only eligible for the ‘shared room rate of housing allowance’ which is £261.50 a month for the area I live in ( Birmingham) however my rent is £450 and I have 1 spare bedroom, therefore will have to pay bedroom tax. I work part time 15 hours a week and am a full time college student. I understand I may be able to apply for ‘discretionary housing payments’. Has anyone applied for this discretionary housing? Am I eligible?

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    Bedroom tax is a reduction in benefits (for bedrooms you have but are deemed not to need); not an actual tax.

    As a full time student, you cannot claim any housing benefit, so it's not relevant to your situation. 

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    As a full time student, you are not eligible for HB at all let alone a discretionary payment and 'bedroom tax' is a tag, it just means that people who are eligible to claim HB and live in a property with additional bedrooms they do not need the tax payer  who funds HB doesn't have to subsidise them, so they get less benefit.

    You cannot usually get Universal Credit if you’re studying full-time. There are some exceptions although from what you have written you don't qualify to make any claim.

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    A full time student is never eligible for Housing Benefit.  Neither are you entitled to the discretionary housing payment as this is only available to those who qualify for Housing Benefit or the Housing Costs element of Universal Credit. You already receive a student maintenance loan.  That is what it is intended to cover.  If you did not qualify for the full amount because you were living at home, change your application but remember that loans have to be paid back!

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    Citizens Advice should have the answer.

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    Honestly if I was you I will stay with your parents.15 hours a week won’t give u enough money to put for extra stuff also your still in school.

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