Why are relationships are lot harder to find if you’re not a White male?  ?

Non-white people in Great Britain (particularly anyone who’s Black, mixed, East Asian, South Asian) have to go through more obstacles and work more harder than White people whether it’s dating online, dating in person, modelling, advertising, applying for jobs, auditioning for a certain. 

I’m mixed with Black & White but I look more Black than White due to inheriting strong amounts of ethnic features, and I struggle to get a female’s attention whether it’s online or in person. I never get approached by them, where my White mates at the time never had a problem. 

I’m not trying to make it out that non-white men can’t get women, it’s very possible however they’d probably have to be at least an 8/10 and as for white guys they only need to be about 4/10. There’s many reasons why I never been in relationship ever in my life or never had sex, this is one of the contributing factors.

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  • 1 month ago

    I'm only sharing my experience after 6 years of dating in the UK.

    I'm from a country where we have maybe a couple of hundred black students at the universities. 

    When I came to the UK, it was flattering that I got all the attention from black guys. But I quickly learned that apart from one Jamaican guy, who was the only decent man I met, all of them were lying, wanting to take my money, telling me he wanted to put a baby in my stomach then immediately asking about citizenship to my country,

    or when we were in bed and he says "I bet white guys don't eff you like this" 

    WOW very romantic.

    the ones who had family and kids, either back home, or here, cheating on them, the one who made my friend marry him, and later the police was looking for him, he had 4 different identity, stole the church money,

    the other one I actually liked had a family in the Netherlands,

    or they spread nasty gossip about me at work when I broke up with them.

    they treated me like a piece of meat, and no, I deserve better than that.

    Skin colour was never an issue, nor country of origin, I put up even with the totally different traditions, but the attitude I never liked. 

    I might not have met all the black guys in the world, but I met enough to know, this is not what I want. 

    Sorry if it hurts, and this is only my opinion and experience.

  • 1 month ago

    Placing all your problems on not being white, pathetic.

  • Craig
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    1 month ago

    There are - of course - plenty of guys of ANY colour, including white, who can't get women to look at them twice.  Plenty.  You're not alone there.  It might be physical features, or demeanor, or personality...who knows?  If you're one of them then patience is key - just stop thinking about dating.  It'll happen when and if it happens.  That, and you might do better in a village or small town than in a big city.  A place with just a handful of pubs - where people will be forced to get to know you for YOU, rather than just eyeballing you from a distance like produce in a massive display at some mega-mart.

    And then there's the "race" thing, and race's weird tie-in to our perception of class.  It may well be that many British white women quite consciously have ruled-out any non-white man for relationship purposes because they want children to have a pedigree just like their own.  Or because they imagine your features come with some cultural differences that they don't want to have to learn about or accommodate.  They could have negative stereotypes.  Some of that seems likely.

    But there are women out there who aren't swayed by any of that nonsense.  You just have to arrange it so they SEE you.  That's not about "race".  That's about personality, and being visible in your surroundings.  (You might have to change your surroundings.)

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Are you being serious? Or is it just you personally who face these problems?

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