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Bored with life...?

I'm 25 and I haven't done anything with my life, I have no friends, I have never had a boyfriend, I have nothing to do AT ALL. I don't go out that much cuz I have nothing to do, i just go for buying foods. Sometimes I think about suicide because that's the only thing I can do. I really need help because I can't do anything...advice?

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    And the boyfriend in usa is supposed to replace other things that the government having own fortune and cows and not being molestated by Congress with a rapist called Boyfriend .

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    I would say definitely see a therapist, it would seem to me that your life needs remapping it's not too late and you're only 25 (trust me better to spot it now than when you're 55 or even 65) 

    Is it lack of confidence that you don't do things? or is it that you just need to explore what you want to do? 

    It needs to be small steps at a time, I would say instead of just go to buy food maybe take the longer route, then turn it into a walk/activity you might find interest in wildlife or an area nearby? these might sound silly but you just need to spark an interest in just one thing and then that one thing will lead to more things 

    Have you tried online dating? If you feel ready for a relationship then nothings stopping you and then that can lead to other things, meeting his friends, going on holidays first place together etc etc 

    every new experience comes by exploring 

    if you do nothing, nothing will happen

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    Are there other reasons it mentioned as to why you don’t have friends a boyfriend or you don’t like socializing? Or are you just a quiet shy home body? Did something happen to make you the way are are, physically emotionally mentally? Just trying to understand better before making any statements. Praying over matters never hurts. I hope you find whatever you need to find true happiness and a real purpose in life because life is a precious gift to be appreciated and lived to the fullest not ended prematurely. Seek professional help if needed or talk to someone you trust for advice as well if you haven’t yet. Take some deep breaths I hope you can find peace of mind also. Don’t give up. 

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    I have been feeling the same way. I am shy and not adventurous nor do I have many friends. So I go on meetup, Facebook events or even google maps and try to be spontaneous and meet new people. It's harder now. I just get in my car and drive

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    Read Quran with understanding,you will find solutions

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    I am exactly in the same position as you and I am also 25. SO YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!

    I am trying to make changes in my life now.

    Every morning I get up at 7am, workout, meditate, eat a healthy breakfast, garden (something I took up during lockdown).

    I am applying for new jobs

    I have also joined meet up and my local community centre so I can go out & about more.

    I've taken up new hobbies such as sewing, cooking, gardening, yoga and I am learning Italian

    I decorated my bedroom and painted my walls yellow, bought new furniture and fill up my houses with pretty things & flowers.

    I will also start taking driving lessons

    And in September or October I am planning to go Malta, Greece and Italy.



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    You are definitely depressed. Many people are because of life's growing uncertainties. We live in a system with strict laws of nature. Humanity is the only animal that disregards nature, thinking it is above it. Covid-19 has shown us all that we cannot continue exploiting and polluting. We are just starting to pay the cost of our selfish ways. But there is hope and a remedy. We must act more in alignment with nature. We must become more integrated and connected to each other. Getting along, despite our differences is the only way we will get out of this pandemic better than we were beforehand.

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