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I think weed doesn't do anything for me. Does anyone else in here think weed has NO effect? I consider it a good LAXATIVE. Is that enuf?

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    1 month ago

    Like any other substance, no every person will experience the same effects when using it. Some people get high and feel happy/silly or very relaxed. Some people may feel more calm (esp those with some form of ADD) and focused. Some will feel more energized and want to be active. Some may not experience any noticeable changes at all. 


    I've not heard of it used as a laxative. Not sure what you mean by 'is that enuf'? You needn't use it at all if you don't choose to and certainly not if it's not providing you with any significant benefits such as calming anxiety, mood improvement, lessening pain, etc. 

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    You probably aren't inhaling properly.

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