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should i tell my dad what happened to me?

i was sexually assaulted earlier this year (not raped) by my boyfriend and the only one who knows about it are my friends and my mom. i reported him to the police after finding out he assaulted and harassed so many other girls over the course of 2 years. i did it so they could get the peace and justice they deserve. i’m not very traumatized by it, but my mom feels like i shouldn’t tell my dad. when my mom was my age (16), she was sexually assaulted outside her house and my grandpa blamed it on her. she’s 56 now and she’s still really hurt by that. she thinks my dad would do the same since he’s pretty old-school and a male. i’m not as close with him as i am with my mom. she’s my best friend while my dad is a huge *** authority figure in my eyes. i never told him i got a boyfriend, let alone liked someone. i’m a pretty empathetic person and i know he’s really sensitive when it comes to family, so if i we’re him and my child hid this from me, i would be extremely hurt. but there’s also the possibility of him blaming everything on me and i would get emotionally scarred and scared to tell him anything again. what should i do? if i do tell him, what kind of things would i say? how would i even start that conversation?

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    i would tell him

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Obviously, your mom knows the situation better than random strangers on the internet.  If she recommends keeping your dad "out of the loop," then you might want to listen to her.

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