Personal question, how do I stop feeling bad at my SO not being as affectionate as I am? ?

What Should I do if the person I’m with doesn’t give me affection like he used to when we first started dating and now gets annoyed with how much affection I need. And I constantly get in bad moods that puts him in a bad mood. But he says he’ll give me affection only when I don’t practically beg him for it. He’s also less romantic and I constantly see boyfriends on the internet doing so much for their girlfriends. I know it’s unrealistic to want him to be like that but I just want some effort. And every time I bring it up he makes me feel bad about it because he says he does the important stuff and that should matter. I really love him but I don’t wanna cry over him anymore, what do I do? I really don’t want to leave him because he’s my best friend but this sucks. 

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