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My girlfriend told me that she cant have sex before marriage. I really love her, but dont want a sexless relationship. What should I do?

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    It’s only two options wait if you love her...or Leave if you want to get your groove on with someone else since you can’t keep Little John in the Cage 

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    Have a serious conversation with her about  this , tell her you love her and want to be intimate with her . Is she  a Christian?  if not ,  I dont see who would ever reject to have sex with her bf if she truly loves him .. 

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    How old are both of you? Are both of you ready for marriage? 

    If not, it will be a long wait. Its up to you to decide to continue the relationship or not.

    If yes, then make plans. It could be years into the future. But if there is love then you can wait. Married couples stay in love for life.

    Key principle: she has to give you a due date. 

    If you can wait, then build your relationship based on everything other than sex.

    If not, then negotiate or break off.

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    Have sex with a different woman. If your gf confronts you, be honest. Tell her that she was/is not fulfilling your physical needs

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  • 1 month ago

    Move on. 


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