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How many of you grow tired of dealing with the primitive primates for the most part in this world?

Humans (primitives) in general have fallen a long way even from when civilization first started. We have gone backwards almost to the point of being apes.

For they know not what they do puny humans live a life of ignorance and ignorance leads to a state that is worse than that of the animals.

They are in general selfish and brainwashed and do not wish to change. Puny humans wase their time on money and the latest stuff. In relationships and sex to be honest I am not even sure what they are searching for cause I have never been in that state. Same with general day to day life I am not even fully sure what fully makes them tick and their brain processes yet I still try to interact with them.

Humans are selfish and quick to anger over the littlest things. I know I am hated by them as well for many of the ways that I am. I know it yet i dont get their thoughts I dont understand what they hate. They hate that I am an ascended being that is beyond my binary gender. They hate that I do not care about mortal things.

My wife who I was with since before human civilization even started is with me she has no understanding of the way they work either.

Humanity hath FALLEN!

Save this selfish world. Only cause I was given a Job to help with that. I still dont like being in the presence of primitive humans.

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    I think about this a lot. 

    The thing is.... in order to reverse this, we would have to go back to primitive and humble ways of living for self discipline and basic survival skills.

    Without modern technology.

    EVERYTHING has been simplified to where as we don't rely on the old manual labor ways of doing things.

    So... younger generations get lazier and lazier.

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    There's not a lot of monkeys running around here. maybe in India or Africa. 

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    DEVO, is that you?

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