First job: Schedule advice?

About a week ago I got my first job, and I’m working a 7am-2pm shift for it when I’m in. Right now I’m technically still in training and since it’s Waffle House I’m learning how to call orders, etc. I’ve been coming in almost every day (minus weekends) because again, I’m training. After training I’m supposed to get a set schedule. 

I’ve kinda been a little worried about what my schedule will be. I’m fine with working basically any days of the week, but I don’t really think I can handle working more than 3 times per week. I’d totally cover for someone’s shift if they were out for a day though- I have no problem with that as long as it’s not constant. I’m thinking about talking to my manager about this tomorrow, because I’m pretty close to getting fully trained. I just want some second opinions on it. Is it too little/unreasonable for me to ask? Honestly I don’t know why this has been eating at me, I’m usually not a nervous person but this is a whole new experience for me. But yeah, some help?

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