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Did the KV-1 Russian heavy tank of 1941 show that German tech wasn't better than Russian, it was German strategy that won the day?

All accounts from the Time period show the KV-1 was invulnerable to German tank guns and field guns in 1941, and impressive tactics on the part of the Germans were needed to beat these tanks.

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    "Did the KV-1 Russian heavy tank of 1941 show that German tech wasn't better than Russian"

    It wasn't, not when you can call in a Rudel with his Ju-87 Stuka

    "it was German strategy that won the day?"

    That's exactly right, and it worked... right up until the allies caught on and used the same combined forces strategies.

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    No, the German Tiger tanks were better than the KV-1. And the Soviet IS-2 heavy tank was better than the KV-1.

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    because the only tank WW2 that could take on the King Tiger and Tiger tanks was as simple as Giving the Sherman a Bigger Gun and calling it the Firefly

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    The  KV-1  was  an  awful  tank. Very  high profile, no  suspension, very limited  vision  ports  when  buttoned  up and  not  a particularly  useful gun. Once the Germans  started  using their  88  anti aircraft  gun  as  a  anti  tank  gun it  didnt  have  much  of a chance in direct  confrontation.

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    German strategy didn't win the day.

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    Not exactly, no. Aside from German air superiority, their brilliant use of supporting infantry, and far wider use of radio communications (which themselves gave a huge advantage), the well-armored and gunned KV-1 had a horrible transmission, it was too slow, it maneuvered clumsily relative to the German tanks, and perhaps worst of all the crew had extremely limited vision when the hatches were buttoned up. Released before being adequately field-tested, in combat it was a disaster waiting to happen and they were also too expensive to mass-produce. The problems were not resolved until 1943 with the lighter, more maneuverable and more reliable KV-1S, but by then the T-34 medium tank had proved the best option for mass production. 

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