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Am I pregnant? Is this positive?  Pics?

Am I pregnant? Is this positive? 

PicsI took one test earlier in the day nothing showed up until later when I seen it in the trash. The pink one is a lot lighter but I took it way later in the day. Today I should of had my period but I didn’t so I’m not sure??

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    Too soon to get a good result.  Many tests develop what is called an evaporation line that is faint.

    The best advice is to wait until your period is a good 7 days late and then test first thing in the morning.  The result will show very quickly and it will be very clearly a strong line if you are pregnant.  If it isn't a bold line, wait a couple more days and if you period hasn't arrived, test again or get a blood test. 

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    3 months ago

    Wait seven more days.  If you don't get a period - test again.

    Any lines that show up later in the day mean nothing at all.  If the wasn't there during the time frame the test is intended to be read - then the test is negative even if a line does show up later.  It is an evap line and it means nothing.

    You are getting negative tests right now but it might just be too soon to test.  It doesn't mean you are "not pregnant" yet - it just means it is too soon to be certain.  

    The pregnancy hormones are strongest after you have slept all night.  The first pee after getting out of bed is the best to test with.  FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS OF THE TEST YOU ARE USING.  

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    3 months ago

    This is the early one

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